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Bugs (Eye Wonder)-P2P

Enter the extraordinary empire of the creepy-crawly. From dung beetles to dragonflies, meet the neighbors you rarely see—but are essential to your life. A wealth of facts combined with dramatic photography ensures that Eye Wonder is the perfect educational start for young children. Eye Wonder is a groundbreaking reference series specially developed for younger children aged five plus.

Learn about the natural world through beautiful photography and lively, age-appropriate text. The Eye Wonder series organizes bug and insect information in a way that’s easy to search, easy to read, and easy to learn.

Bugs (Eye Wonder)-P2P
English | September 17th, 2015 | ISBN: 1465418547 | 58 pages | True PDF | 20 MB

100 First Things That Go-P2P

Help little ones learn first words and build vocabulary with this things that go baby ebook that’s filled with cars, trucks, planes, boats, tractors, and diggers.

Favourite vehicles are clearly labelled on every page, and the exciting photos combined with fun illustrations provide lots to talk about, learn about, and smile about. 100 First Things That Go is a colourful picture ebook that is great for sharing, and an attractive baby gift.

Part of a beautiful, first word ebook series, which includes the award-winning 100 First Words, the pages are toddler tough, and cover everything from cool cars, terrific trucks, and awesome fire engines, to vehicle colours and kids’ own bikes and ride-on toys. There are even some entertaining make-believe things that go, such as a fantastic pirate ship and a magic broomstick. Word labels encourage picture-and-word association, building language and reading readiness, while the inviting pictures stimulate talking. Cleverly designed to inform and entertain, 100 First Things That Go takes your baby on an exciting learning adventure.

100 First Things That Go-P2P
English | February 12nd, 2019 | ISBN: 1465479597 | 15 pages | True PDF | 5.3 MB

Super Earth Encyclopedia (Super Encyclopedias)-P2P

A visual encyclopedia that showcases the 100 most amazing things about our planet as kids have never seen them before with mind-blowing photography, brand-new CGI artworks, and incredible facts and stats.

Kids can explore 100 amazing natural structures, incredible weather patterns, ocean phenomena, and constantly changing features of Earth. They can look down from above, from deep underground, and from the middle of a raging storm as they journey through the spectacular imagery of colorful coral reefs, the center of a volcanic eruption, castle-like ice caves, and much more. Lively and informative text is based on the latest discoveries and scientific research, and dashboard-style fact files provide information at a glance.

Super Earth Encyclopedia will take kids on an amazing journey, revealing the dramatic features of the phenomenal planet we call home.

Super Earth Encyclopedia (Super Encyclopedias)-P2P
English | July 4th, 2017 | ISBN: 1465461876 | 210 pages | True PDF | 104 MB

SLR Photography Guide – January 2019-P2P

Learn how to confidently use your DSLR camera and mirrorless CSC (Compact System Camera) to improve your digital photography with our best tips and tutorials. Understanding your camera settings is the first step to being a better photographer.

SLR Photography Guide – January 2019-P2P
English | 38 Pages | PDF | 5.7 MB

Applied Deep Learning with Python by Alex Galea, Luis Capelo-P2P

Taking an approach that uses the latest developments in the Python ecosystem, you’ll first be guided through the Jupyter ecosystem, key visualization libraries and powerful data sanitization techniques before we train our first predictive model. We’ll explore a variety of approaches to classification like support vector networks, random decision forests and k-nearest neighbours to build out your understanding before we move into more complex territory. It’s okay if these terms seem overwhelming; we’ll show you how to put them to work.
We’ll build upon our classification coverage by taking a quick look at ethical web scraping and interactive visualizations to help you professionally gather and present your analysis. It’s after this that we start building out our keystone deep learning application, one that aims to predict the future price of Bitcoin based on historical public data.

Applied Deep Learning with Python by Alex Galea, Luis Capelo-P2P
English | ePUB reader |      Tech & Devices        | 33.9 MB
Download :  –  Upload4earnNTI

AWS Tools for PowerShell 6 by Ramesh Waghmare-P2P

AWS Tools for PowerShell 6 shows you exactly how to automate all the aspects of AWS.
You can take advantage of the amazing power of the cloud, yet add powerful scripts and mechanisms to perform common tasks faster than ever before.
This book expands on the Amazon documentation with real-world, useful examples and production-ready scripts to automate all the aspects of your new cloud platform. It will cover topics such as managing Windows with PowerShell, setting up security services, administering database services, and deploying and managing networking. You will also explore advanced topics such as PowerShell authoring techniques, and configuring and managing storage and content delivery.
By the end of this book, you will be able to use Amazon Web Services to automate and manage Windows servers. You will also have gained a good understanding of automating the AWS infrastructure using simple coding.

AWS Tools for PowerShell 6 by Ramesh Waghmare-P2P
English | PDF+|      Tech & Devices        | 15.5 MB
Download :  –  Upload4earnNTI

Microsoft Excel Vlookup Champion by Henry E. Mejia-P2P

The person who is a Microsoft Excel Champion can perform better because that person knows how to use excel functions and formulas, acomplishing more, investing less time in front of the computer and as a result has more time available to tackle other activities that need attention and achieve a better outcome at the end of the day.
I know this because I have personally experienced it. Thanks to Excel I was able to get a better job and also thanks to my Excel knowledge I was promoted.
You will learn to use VLOOKUP in many different ways in your job or business. VLOOKUP is a tool, think of it as a hammer (also a tool). A hammer can be used in different situations. Here you will learn to use VLOOKUP in different real life situations so that none of them take you by surprise.
You will learn in a practical and straightforward way, with this course full of exercises and examples. You can also use the .xlsx files to practice.

Excel Vlookup Champion: A Step by Step Complete Course to Master Vlookup Function in Microsoft Excel (Excel Champions Book 1) by Henry E. Mejia-P2P
English | PDF readeR |      Tech & Devices        | 4.3 MB
Download :  –  Upload4earnNTI

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